Thursday, February 5, 2009

PLACES WE LOVE: Hotel Fox, Copenhagen

photos from Hannes

When I visited Copenhagen last summer, all I wanted to do was stay at Hotel Fox. This was not possible because I was on a cruise. Someday I will go back to Copenhagen and stay at Hotel Fox for a whole week! The amazing concept behind Hotel Fox is that each of its 61 rooms is designed by 21 different artists from around the world. The rooms come in four sizes extra large, large, medium and small. Each room has its own theme unique to the designer. The lobby is beautiful, the food is beautiful. This place is such a gem! You can even choose which room you stay in, if you book way in advance of course. Hotel Fox is located in central Copenhagen which is even better, it's close to everything.

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sleepy fawn said...

ah!! i muuusstt goo there!!!!
1918 photo shoot in copenhagen??
i think so.