Thursday, February 19, 2009

MOVIES WE LOVE : The Graduate

This 1967 film has always been one of my favorites. It deserved all of the awards it won that year (Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe, Grammy) and the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. Being a huge Simon & Garfunkel fan, this movie is like the best of both worlds. Dustin Hoffman's character is one of my favorites of all time. This was the film that got Hoffman starting in film acting and thank God it did! Dustin has gone on to do some incredible things. If you haven't seen the Graduate, study the trailer and then go watch it. It's amazing!

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Sarah Julson said...

Oh my goodness that Graduate movie looks so good! I'm definitely putting it on my Netflix Queue. Speaking of -- I got Heima today! I'm finally going to sit down and watch the whole thing. I probably should've just bought it, but hey, I'm supposed to be a starving artist, right? hahaha

I think it would be GREAT if you came to visit! You would have a blast with everyone here. I'd have a lot to show you and tell you, for surrre.

And thanks for reading my whole post! Usually when I write those long ones they're more for my remembering than anyone else's enjoyment, but I'm glad it held your attention all the way through! :)

Have a wonderful day!