Friday, November 21, 2008

Live in Dallas?

Oh, what I would give to be a Dallasinite, Dallasian or just a person who lives in Dallas right now. My favorite band, The Polyphonic Spree, is giving their annual Holiday show in a few weeks. This marks the time of the year when I have an unnatural amount of cheer due to the holidays masked by my sorrowful longingness to attend this show. I grew up in Ft. Worth, why couldn't have I just stayed? However, I do like my 4 wonderful seasons that I get out here in Kansas City, I need winter and fall. Texas just wouldn't provide me with that. Anyway, readers out there...if you live in and around the Dallas area, please attend this show. If not for you, attend it for me and tell me it was horrible (just to make me feel better). As for me...i'll just have to wait another year and pretend I'm at the show in my bedroom wearing my Polyphonic Spree robe.


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