Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bottle Rocket: Criterion Collection

Bottle Rocket, Wes Anderson's first film, will finally be released on The Criterion Collection Nov. 25 much to my excitement. I can definitely say that I've been waiting years for this release. It's been far prolonged, but it's finally almost here. The thing I was most excited about was seeing what new illustrations Eric Chase Anderson (Wes Anderson's brother) had in store on the cover and on the inside booklet. Eric has illustrated all three other Criterion covers for Wes and they've all been a dream. HOWEVER, Eric didn't illustrate the cover of Bottle Rocket! Gasp! It was in fact an artist named Ian Dingman who has an uncanny similarity to Eric Anderson. Hmm, I wonder why Eric didn't illustrate it? Conflict in the Anderson family? Anyway, I don't mind either way I suppose. The Bottle Rocket cover is not disappointing. Thank you Wes!



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The Crooked Man said...

No conflict in the Anderson family. Eric was just too busy working on his follow up to his book Chuck Dugan Is AWOL.

1918VINTAGE said...

Yes! That's great news the crooked man! I own Chuck Dugan Is AWOL and it's brilliant. Can't wait for the next. Eric's a genius, like his brother.