Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Latest Obsession - Heima

Heima, a film by one of my favorite bands Sigur Ros is the reason for this lovely post. Heima was playing at the AFI fest last year, but I couldn't get tickets in time. I forgot about this film, until last week when I saw it playing on the Sundance Channel. If you don't know much about Sigur Ros, that's okay. Although Heima is mostly Sigur Ros' live performances, it seems like so much more than just that. Heima is a captivating look into a beautful country, Iceland, and its beautiful people. I knew I loved Iceland before this film thanks to Anythony Bourdain and Sam Brown, but I'd never seem Iceland in such a way as I saw it in Heima. The film takes you through a sting of free performances Sigur Ros gave through the beautiful countryside of Iceland. You get to look into the lives and hearts of the Icelandic people and see the natural beauty of the landscapes. Ah, what I would give to be there right now. As the members of Sigur Ros explain, Iceland is a country seemingly untouched by modern mankind. If you're at all interested in Iceland, Sigur Ros or just beautiful things...I highly recommend you find this movie and buy it.


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SarahNumberOne said...

I want that right now!
I love Iceland, Sigur Ros, AND beautiful things -- fancy that! I will try to make you something beautiful with my pen ASAP. :) Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon! If not over Thanksgiving, definitely during winter break.