Tuesday, March 31, 2009


These Panasonic headphones have such a clean, retro design. They're not too bulky but not too small. Luckily they're only $30-$60 online! Yes! CLICK HERE for more.

Wow. This camera is amazing. I want one so so so so bad! It's a twin-lense reflex camera with a flip up viewfinder. The photos that come from this camera look absolutely amazing. It's typically around $130 at most stores online. CLICK HERE to learn more about the blackbird, fly and to see photos taken by this amazing bird.


Sarah Julson said...

for some reason i want to say that urban outfitters has both of those because when i was at the mall of america i remember drooling aaaall over them!

Robynne said...

I love retro looking headphones! Only they are not too practical to carry in your purse and i am so not cool enough to wear them around my neck either... :(

Kelsey said...

wow, i never hear of these. need to get bbf!


me melodia said...

My same wishlist!