Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Mariell Amélie
Oslo, Norway
Age, 20

Mariell, oh Mariell! We love you so much. I don't even quite remember how I found Mariell, because i've been following her work for quite some time. She's a brilliant Norwegian with way too much talent for her own good. Her self portrait work is to die for, and she pulls off blonde and brunette better than anyone I've ever known! She has the best style of blending photography and fashion. We couldn't love you more Mariell! CLICK HERE to visit Mariell's website.

Q: Hi Mariell, how are you?
A: I'm stressed and excited. Working on my application to a fashion
photography school in London.

Q: Your photos are so imaginative, what is your greatest influence?
A: Thrift stores / old things and clothes.

Q: Your fashion sense is also amazing, who is your fashion icon?
A: I have never had a fashion icon, but i've always been interested in
design, colors, fabrics and old clothes. My style variates a lot as
well, but you find me somewhere between 1950s and todays fashion.

Q: When did you start taking photographs?
A: As a 12-year old i figured we had this program "photoshop" on our
computer. After that day I knew what I wanted in life. So i started
with taking stupid pictures of my self so i could photoshop them.

Q: That tattoo on your arm is beautiful, why did you chose that design?
A: Its my grandmothers signature, who i was very close to. She died in
July 2004 way to young. And the flower is "forget me not". She told me
how much she loved that flower when i was about 7 years old.

Q: What are your favorite 3 musicians or bands?
A: I listen to a lot of different music and I only have 1 favorite
artist that I always turn back to, Kim Hiorthøy.
Generally I listen to electronica, reggae, hardcore, chip tune and i
love dancing to artists like simian mobile disco, justice and steve
aokis remixes. Ladytron is also a band that i like a lot and never get
tired of.

Q: What is the greatest film of all time?
A: One flew over the cuckoo's nest is a good film, but again; i have a
lot of movies i like and its hard to pick one.

Q: Do you prefer digital or film?
A: Depends. I love film and i collect old cameras. I have 12. But with
my patience Im afraid digital is the best option. I always bring a
singel-use camera though since i seldom care to print my digital
photos. I use film for fun and digital for work.

Q: How much editing do you do after a photo shoot?
A: Not much. I have made my own action in photoshop that i put on all
my photos to create the colors i love. Ive been working on that action
for years and Im finally pleased with it.
But some times a picture needs more than that. Im thorough when it
comes to editing pictures since thats my job as well as my hobby. I
work for Norway's largest subscription newspaper as an "photoshopper".

Q: Your self portraiture work is really impressive. Do you prefer
shooting yourself or someone else?
A: I have shot myself for years and years and thats what Im used to.
Its easier to bring the feelings I want in my photos that way. But at
the same time it takes more time and its more difficult than shooting
other people because of practical things. I often get nervous when i
shoot others and that blocks my creativity. But i hope one day i'll
manage to work with others the same way i work with myself.

Q: What is one accessory you can't live without?
A: I always wear my casio watch and my gold ring with dark blue
diamonds that used to be my great-grandmothers ring. I haven't had it
off since i was 14.

Q: What is your favorite item on sale now at
A: That must be the Large Ropey Scarf