Friday, December 26, 2008

Latest Obsession - What I got for Christmas!

Here's the rest of what I got for Christmas, this time from my parents and sister! Hope your holiday was as good as mine. Even though I got sick :(

1. Minnetonka 'Peace' Moccasins - Nordstrom
2. Romy Button Cape - YesStyle
3. Gingham Shirtdress - YesStyle
4. Double Breasted Wood Coat - YesStyle
5. Cowl Neck Knitted Dress - YesStyle
6. Heima by Sigur Ros - Amazon
7. Kurr by Amiina - Amazon
8. Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy by Mum - Amazon


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey! is the wool coat thick & warm? i live in new york and it's freeezing here & still don't have a good winter coat. i reallly love that one & was thinking about ordering it. if you get a chance, email me at: thanks!