Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Latest Obsession - Lost

I made what I think was a HUGE mistake last week. I noticed that they had every single episode of Lost available free online. This is a show I've always wanted to start watching. I know a lot of people that are obsessed with it. I just knew it would take a long time to watch 4 seasons all the way through before it premiers next month. Well, I started last week. I'm almost done with season one, but it's consumed nearly 20 hours of my life already. Should I continue, or was this a bad idea? Hellllppp!



Sarah Julson said...

I started last week too! I'm in the middle of Season 2 already and it's been sucking up my liiife. I saw it was on tv the other day and freaked out because it was from a later season and I just wanted to watch it so badly! Maybe we should have a Lost day together??

1918VINTAGE said...

That's crazy! It's hard watching the old episodes because I keep seeing things on ABC's website about newer lost occurrences, like who dies and stuff. It makes me sad.