Friday, July 24, 2009


I know Baggu is totally old news by now, but in case it's not I'd like to preach the Baggu gospel. I've been pretty frustrated lately with all the "green"shopping bags with their cheesy slogans. They've made going green such an obvious trend. Now virtually everyone is selling the alternative eco friendly shopping bag. You can find them pretty much everywhere now, which is totally a good thing. I'm just a little fed up with the design of most of these bags. All I want is a simple bag, no print, but looks great. BAGGU! Baggu comes in many different sizes, patterns and colors. My boyfriend who's been baggu-ing for quite some time has been urging me to switch to Baggu over the terrible bags I'd been using.

The problem for me is that I usually keep my green bags in the car and have to rely on remembering to bring them in when I shop somewhere. I don't. I always forget! I feel so terrible and most of the time I say "no bag please" at checkout and then have to leave the store with things falling out of my arms. Getting to the important part, Baggu compacts into a little bag making it super easy to fit in your purse or pocket. Anywho, enough of my preaching. Below is a pretty Baggu commercial of sorts. Enjoy.

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Baggu is absolutely new to me, thank you for posting these rainbow hued sacks, I would definitely use them.

Have a beautiful Sunday,
♥ Jessica