Thursday, January 1, 2009

NYE: Mitten Party

Last night for new years I hosted the 1st Annual Merry Mitten New Year. This is a mitten themed party honoring Christmas and New Years. Everyone had to wear mittens the entire time. It was so much fun. My friend Sarah and I made a mitten board game. When you drew a card, you would have to do a task that is extremely hard with mittens on! Oh good times were had. I'm hoping to have this party every year. Calling it the 1st annual was slightly sad.



Sarah Julson said...

So much fun. :)
I hope there's a 2nd Annual too.

Sarah Julson said...

Today I watched Transiberian.
It was okay.
I don't know.
Probably wouldn't watch it again.

But I've taken an interest in your best movies of 'o8. So there's number one down. I really want to go see Benjamin Button, though!

Have a lovely day!