Monday, October 27, 2008

New Studio Space!

So I'm moving into a new small space in a couple of weeks where I'll only have ONE room for everything (bedroom, office, merchandise, etc) I have most everything I need, but a lot of the things I already own are just too large for my new studio space. SO, here's all the new stuff I'm getting to make it really feel like home. I have some major plans to do some great stuff with wood grain contact paper on the walls and on some of the furniture. Wood grain is definitely one of my favorite things the world has to offer.

1. Neon Botanicals Tapestry - URBN - $36
2. Sally Stool - Target - $50
3. Cubicle Storage Unit - Target - $50
4. Malm Bed Frame - IKEA - $180
5. Cardboard Box Print Bedding - Dutch By Design - $110
6. Posters - ISO50 - $17 ea
7. DIY Minimalist Desk - Design Sponge
8. Premier Wood Magnet Board - Fred Flare - $20
9. DIY Cork Lamp - Craft Zine


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