Friday, October 24, 2008

East Coast Trip!

I got back from my tour of the east coast a couple of days ago, and wanted to share with everyone my good memories! I have to! I spent time staying with my lovely friend Brooke in her home town of Pine Beach, NJ. Met some cool kids in Philadelphia (hi Sarah and Bubba!). And I even hung around NYC to bring in my friend Stacy's 21st bday. It was great finally seeing two of my favorite people from when I lived in L.A. again. Brooke was my roomie, and Stacy was just a friend and fellow FIDM student. Ohhh good times were had. The first night we were in NYC, we saw a show called Fuerza Bruta. We had no idea what it was really before going in, so we didn't know what to expect. If you all don't know what Fuerza Bruta is, let me just tell you that after the show we left soaking wet (after being sprayed with a fire hose by George Washington during the show) and with a coma induced iPhone. Oops. I made the mistake of having my phone out during the wet adventures that came along with Fuerza Bruta. Don't worry kids, about 4 days after the phone came back to life! Ohhh goodness. Anyway, to view all of the trip photos (even some from fuerza bruta) visit my flickr HERE.

Back to work, back to blogging, and back to shipping out your lovely orders!!


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